Sharmila BORKAR from Dubai is the author of the newsletter.

Sharmila is a RESCUE miracle. Delivered, over the phone from several powerful demons, that tormented her for many years, she was also born again during a telephone deliverance counseling session with Pam Sheppard. A talented, creative writer, here is a brief sample in Sharmila’s own words, a short description of how she was transformed from religion to truth:

Before I came to RESCUE, I did not have the slightest idea about the power of Resurrection, I never focused on it nor was ever taught about it. I never took the Lord’s death and resurrection seriously as I thought, he must have got some power from God and it happened so easily… that he must have not even felt the pain of his sufferings. So strong was my pride in the false ideas I carried, that I used to pray – you died one day but here I’m dying everyday… so please help me!

Then later on I was advised that I have to accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior of my life by a sign of water baptism… and in doing so I will be a new person and all will go well with me. I did but nothing changed. Then I thought I might not be doing enough to get HIS attention to touch and save me and I started putting in all my time, efforts, energy in tongue talking, bible reading (10-20 chapters per day), praying for hours, praising and breaking the bread 2 times a day etc… I was still in bondage.

Finally when Pastor Pam Sheppard, the founder of RESCUE explained to me about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I was stunned. The truth is that I never knew He was raised back in the SAME body. It was so shocking that I was in an exclamation mode! As Pastor Pam spoke to me from New York as I sat in my living room in Dubai, she said ‘now that you know all that you ever should know about the Lord’s Resurrection, there’s nothing that can stop you from being born again’.

Immediately I was sobbing endlessly with the realization that I had searched for Him in all the wrong places. Yet I was also crying for joy, with both victory and excitement because I had just received such a powerful revelation and a deep conviction that – HE HAS RISEN, HE IS ALIVE, MY SAVIOUR LIVES!

The 24/7 demonic manifestations of more than two decades stopped immediately, —- right there with Pam on the phone, I was filled with lots of hope and faith, followed by His mercies which are new to me every morning …and I instantly knew that I was finally born again, without any effort of my own.

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