By Pam Sheppard

Those who thought they were born again because of the various salvation practices they embraced while a regular member of the institutional church often begin to feel that there is a stigma to admitting to a false conversion.


False conversions are not just about YOU. Over decades, more likely centuries of time, the enemy has strategically infiltrated some of God’s elect by causing a premature false conversion in more people than you or I can count. This is Satan’s last days coup: to deceive the elect of God by blocking their salvation with a false conversion they assumed was bonafide.

The thing is that God does not put new wine into old wine skins. The way to defeat a false conversion is to examine it and then to admit it was false. Once these steps are taken and the imposter, the fake Jesus Sananda is renounced and rejected, all you have to do is continue to receive truth and at His appointed time, you will be born again.the Holy Spirit will draw you to the cross, for real THIS time.

So be joyful and hopeful for THE LORD PLANS TO UNDECEIVE AND SAVE THEM ALL!!!!!!

To overcome the sense of stigma, know that in these times, you are not alone. A false conversion is NOT the exception but it is the rule. I would go so far to say that if there is one true saved person in a church of 500,000, I would be surprised.

Yet this is is no surprise to God. Jesus predicted it. The Lord revealed in His End-times parable, that Satan would enter into His crop, mingle among the elect of God, and create a false, damaged crop—so much so that we can’t tell one from the other. In fact, the saved look like the unsaved and the unsaved look like the saved. It began in church, but the enemy is also birthing false conversions among non churchgoers as well.

So I perceive that there is a new, more hopeful twist to these events and circumstances so I implore you not to be upset to consider that you have had a false conversion.

Here is the beginning of the new twist. The fact that you have had one could be a sign that God plans to reverse it and save you.

Consider this. Those who are NOT God’s people but who are extremely religious were never converted anyway. They do not have a false conversion. They are simply sitting in church, among the damned, those not selected for eternal life with God. They will never examine their salvation because they were never really converted in the first place.

Like Jesus said to the religious hypocrites of His day, those of THIS kind is OF their FATHER, THE DEVIL. They like being deceived and they will not even consider even the remotest possibility that they are not born again. these are those who will one day hear The Lord Jesus say “I NEVER KNEW YOU.

However if your desire for God goes far beyond just a fear of going to hell or a desire to be rich and prosperous on this side of glory, believe me, He already saved you before He framed worlds. I did not hear about it until I was 33 years old. you may be 90 when you hear, but He will certainly call you to Him without you confessing ANYTHING!

I have never been religious but I am learning a lot about the journey through my counseling practice and from hearing from people online, who have all had false conversions.What I am discovering is that there is a bottom, a ground zero so to speak.It seems a person is close to that bottom when he or she comes to realize the truth—-that deep down, he or she never really wanted God Himself.

When a person sees the scripture that says “the carnal mind is at enmity with God” and it is realized that all he or she ever did was to try to become motivated toward God with a carnal mind, I think, ONLY then is a religious person getting close to the bottom, almost fully broken.

When all religious motives and efforts, including the pretenses acted out become as filthy rags, then salvation is close at hand.

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