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I believe that the institutional church walks a dangerous line in teaching and prescribing a do-it-yourself religion. We are warned in God’s word about will worship; our methods of self-made madness; one that is full of fantasy and/or a sense of euphoric display oftentimes with the outcome being one of a lifeless individual in an apathetic and passive state of mind. There is definitely something wrong with this picture, wouldn’t you agree?

Are we not insulting the one true God by compromising His Truth, by giving what He didn’t ask for; interpreting with speculation of His Doings and making outlandish demonstrations, while calling it His Power? How can we call this True faith if the fruit of apathy and passiveness is the result of these practices and behaviors? Have you ever observed the effects of this type of mania within the walls of the church building? Have you been afraid to question with even the slightest concern that something seems off? Can you skirt the issue any longer with God? Are you making excuses for everything while pretending it’s “just the way it is” while you are serving HIM? Are you going along to get along and just following the crowd? He doesn’t care about anything but the Simple Faith shown through our Obedience. The rest of it is nothing but a bunch of hoopla. Are you silently suffering in your soul and stuck on the bad fruit that comes with taking part in will worship?

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