Religious Arrogance is a term that came up in my head this morning. I thought to myself , it is something , that we who have been affected by it (“the churched”), does a lot to US when we take part in it.

– it keeps us UNDER PRESSURE
– it keeps us stuck in One place emotionally and spiritually-
– it can taint or alter your personality and can suffocate it
– it takes away identity
– you may become robotic in your thinking and your behaviors
– while you are under the LIES of it, it causes you to lie to yourself and compromise much without YOU realizing it
-you are consumed with “Doing Good” instead of being truly productive
-you eventually get to a point where you think you “know better” than most
-and for some, it causes them to think they are going CRAZY

Religious Arrogance , to me, is this “RIGHT” that you have taken upon yourself to wield power and knowledge to yourself and others and HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LIVING GOD!

You end up suffering and paying an unnecessary price…. the loss of YOU
AND a proper understanding of the ONE TRUE GOD!

CARE to share your thoughts on this one or add to the list..?