“Following after truth” is something that most, in the institutional church, speak about with an air of confidence and as a matter of fact. Of course, why wouldn’t one want Truth instead of a Lie, you ask?

Well, it is not so much that I am questioning whether someone is sincere about Truth, as much as I am wondering about their interpretation of what it means to follow after it. Following after truth, to me, is to “find the truth.”

To “find the truth” is:

1. to ADMIT that LIES and DECEPTION are all around us and that in saying we “follow after TRUTH” is to say that we desire to be UNDECEIVED

2. to be WILLING to examine our closely held beliefs as it regards our religious behaviors and practices.

3. to be WILLING to let go of all of our previously conceived ideas of God and to be stripped of all that is not of Him

4. to ultimately have a WILLINGNESS to EXAMINE if we be in the FAITH and if “our Conversion” is in fact true or false.

5. to be LIBERATED by it

The DECEPTION in the world is extremely THICK and it would behoove us, as God’s people, to obey and heed HIS warning.


If so, how far will you go to “FIND THE TRUTH?”

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