By Pam Sheppard
“Clearly, the real danger behind an altered state of consciousness or the trance is that it leads to passivity in the form of a weakened will. A lack of ego strength causes its victims to become open or vulnerable to manipulation, domination and control. The bible says in the Book of Proverbs that he that has rule over his spirit is better than he who can take a city. (Proverbs 16:32) In that same book, there is a verse that warns that a wounded spirit, who can bear it.(18:14) Passivity is a strong sign of a wounded spirit.

Satan has always wanted to be worshiped and therefore he looks for every opportunity among Christians to steal some worship for himself. He obtains worship among Eastern religions as they are the originators of the ASC. In order to obtain worship from Christians, he had to deceive. It has been a long process covering centuries. He started out altering doctrines, particularly the doctrine of salvation. Out of mixed and false doctrines came new beliefs and practices. Out of these practices, an ASC was birthed among Westerners.

As the worshipper enters the spectrum and attains the ASC, a fallen angel attempts to “walk into a worshipper.” Through deceptive devices, an effective trick can cause a worshipper to be at various levels of risk of demonism.

I first entered an altered state through attending college. The professor called it “relaxation therapy, a euphemism for hypnosis. However the most effective way the enemy dealt with me was to pretend to be God while I was in the ASC of dreaming. Since I left the IC ten years ago, the charismatics have invented more religious practices that open folk to an ASC.

How about you?”