If your church is rejoicing because of Trump, that should be YOUR sign to “run out of there.” Call RESCUE at 888-818-1117 or send an email to rescueonfb@icloud.com


First of all, God does not elect or participate in an election mainly because He respects the free will of the people.

So when churchfolk claim that Trump won because they prayed for him, that is the epitome of religious foolishness.

God did not choose any of the 45 US presidents, for the truth is that this is not a nation under God, in spite of what we claim.  How could a country built on the backs of slaves be “under God?”  Politics is “of the world.”  Satan is the god of this world. So if any spirit chooses a president, it is not the Holy Ghost but it is the  god of this world, it is Satan who  makes that choice and we the people go along with it.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth announced the course of this age when He declared “if the world hates you. you know that it hated me…

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