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Around the world, we find  ourselves living in a season  where a significant portion of the  white populace  are  threatened by an explosion in population of the darker people in the world, many of whom have migrated to key countries like the UK and the US.  A fear of losing white dominance and supremacy has led some  white people to desire   a leader who will promote their cause, paving the way to the entrance of a despotic leader on the worldwide scene, in their quest for another Fuehrer. The Fuehrer that they seek is who the bible identifies “as the beast.”

What characterizes the tribulation?  I believe it is when people around the world recognize who the beast is.  The way in which this world leader comes on the scene was predicted to be dramatic, for overnight, he will become the byword of the world.  He will turn the known world upside down.  Yet the beast shall be given supernatural power that will cause the him to make an idol of himself, to be worshipped by us all.

Do YOU recognize “the beast?”

How is the beast described in the scriptures?

Well, he will be magnetic, and mesmerizing to the people with his speeches.  He is the Great Dictator, another Fuehrer.  the bible gives a profile of him in various scriptures, particularly  Rev. 13.  The harlot is the false religious system, the institutional church that  will be linked to the beast.

In the book of Isaiah,  the prophet  speaks of the chaos of nations of future times, where there is no peace for the wicked, those who are like the troubled sea.  Compared to a leopard, a bear and a lion, (Rev 13:2), these verses support the prophecy of Daniel 8 who also uses the same animal symbols for what shall occur in end times. Since most of the future events will only be understood just before or shortly after various events suddenly  burst forth, it is mandatory that we keep our eyes and ears open.

Do I know without a doubt who the beast is?  Not yet.  But I will recognize him once  he takes a deadly blow to the head, probably a bullet, AND HE IS MIRACULOUSLY HEALED.  For we are warned of this  in Rev 13:3. This is a simple, beyond a doubt way of recognizing the beast.

Without a doubt, this is the time to get ready to contend with the increased power of evil spirits that shall soon be released from the pit as spelled out in Revelation. Fear not, for God’s people shall be empowered also.

 Relevant Readings  : The New Idolatry, The Church of the End time Zombies, the Fake Jesus and more books for this tribulation season.

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