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Many modern-day churchgoers are confused as to the understanding of the resurrection of JESUS. Below, Pastor Pam Sheppard shares the reasons why, and explains why any false knowledge you do have, can block your salvation.  She makes clear why seeking the Father and/or the Holy Spirit without considering  Jesus, will even keep you from becoming Born Again:

By Pam Sheppard

I did not know very much about JESUS when I got born again on March 29, 1977 at 4 pm on a Monday. I knew nothing about either the Holy Spirit or the Father.

All I knew about JESUS is what I learned from movies. That He was crucified, died for my sins and that He was raised from the dead. I DID NOT BELIEVE IT. IN FACT, I REFUSED TO BELIEVE IT,

THE TRUTH IS THAT I did not understand what all of that meant. all I knew the day I passed from darkness to light, from death to life, from the worLD to the kingdom of God, is that everything I ever heard about Jesus was the truth.

You see, I thought He was a myth before I ever heard anyone else say that—a myth designed by the white man to keep my people weak and submissive. And I was having none of that.

So what my experience tells me is that you don’t need to know that much about Him, but if what you know is a misrepresentation, then your salvation is blocked. Also, if you sought the Father or the Holy Spirit, and JESUS was off on the sidelines somewhere, then you won’t be converted. Why? because JESUS is that part of the godhead that deals with sin. If Sin is not dealt with, then the father won’t deal with you and the Holy Spirit will not act and cause you to be born again.

So what you know about Jesus need not be a lot but it must be correct.

There are two reasons why church folk don’t understand the resurrection. The first reason is a scripture in I Corinthians 15  where Paul writes that Jesus was born a natural body and raised a spiritual body. They believe that a spiritual body is a spirit. They don’t understand that a spirit is no way a body.  The Lord revealed the difference in John 3 when He said “that which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit.  A spiritual body is physical and material. It becomes spiritual because it can never die again.

The second reason is the preachers and the preaching. In 52 Sundays a year, You will not hear one sermon on the resurrection. Even Easter, the resurrection is spiritualized, described as a renewal, a restoration, a refreshing in one’s life. A dead relationship, an old job restored.

To be born again is a resurrection of the spirit. To be saved, you have to believe on the Lord’s physical resurrection in order  to receive a spiritual resurrection. why? Because the sinner’s spirit is dead in trespasses and sins, dark. Alienated from God..

what do you know about Jesus?

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