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Immersed in religion and church most of my life, I had NEVER heard the true Gospel, until June 26, 2012, delivered by Pastor Pam Sheppard. After being out of the institutional church for quite some time, I found Pastor Pam online, and was impacted by her interest in wanting me to have the truth, as well as the way she took the time to care about me and offer help for my transition out of religiosity and charismatic witchcraft.

No one else I knew who was in out-of-church ministry was doing this… I noticed various fruitless works of those who constantly bash the IC, yet offered no real solutions on how to move forward. I also had concerns about my salvation because even though I had a lot of Bible knowledge, I was NOT AT ALL impacted by the cross and resurrection….Being saved was all about ME getting into heaven. There was no Godly sorrow, no faith in the power of the cross and bodily resurrection. No faith=No Power.

Therefore, I was so grateful to finally hear the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. When Pastor Pam preaches and teaches the truth, she make sense of things. After watching the video, False Conversions 2, I finally GOT IT, and I was impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ like never before!!! I remember prior to this experience being “stuck” at repentance. I realized that in spite of my religious training through church attendance for decades, that I was not changed. While on a religious treadmill, I continued to search for the truth in different churches, but I could never find it… not until I STOPPED going to church and started my journey to truth.

While attending church , I ignorantly submitted myself to the enemy to follow the occult. thinking that my answers were perhaps there. The occult made me feel good and special, and was not boring like church, and so I had begun to put my faith in it…particularly because I had trouble accepting my life circumstances, and years later, my mother’s death. So connecting with Pastor Pam was especially beneficial to me because of her own former occult background. Once she showed me how all of those things that “appeared to be good” were actually of the devil, she also helped me denounce the occult.

Pastor Pam also helped me feel comfortable because she is relatable. Pastor Pam did not pass judgment on me because I claimed to be a “Christian” yet I also practiced the occult. She is the ONLY pastor I ever felt comfortable opening up to about my New Age involvement. She took time to educate me about ways the enemy uses the occult to trick people, and it wasn’t long after that, that I began to see for myself that the occult was not the answer. So the institutional church didn’t have the truth I needed, nor did the occult. I was left to just me…bare and naked before the Lord…which is right where he wanted me.

After being exposed to so many different denominations and types of churches most of my life, after being duped by the occult, and after being so confused about my salvation, all I wanted was the TRUTH. And through meeting Pastor Pam and becoming born again, I HAVE TRUTH!!!!!! NOT UNTIL PAM PREACHED THE GOSPEL TO ME ON THAT VIDEO ON JUNE 26, 2012. I stayed up late into the wee hours of the morning, watching her videos, and then the Holy Spirit did His work in me. It was like being transformed into a marvelous new thing that I had been waiting for all of my life, but just could never experience in the IC.

The fog has lifted! The blinders have been removed! The wool is no longer covering my eyes! I find myself on the other side of the looking-glass.

I am a founding member of RESCUE FELLOWSHIP ONLINE where Pam Sheppard has been my pastor for 5 years now. , I can NEVER go back to my religious past, knowing that I now live in truth…in reality. I am no longer asleep, under the enemy’s spell on the counterfeit side of the looking-glass. No more religion and no more false doctrines. No deception from the occult. No more confusion. I simply worship the Lord in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. I’ve got the REAL DEAL TODAY, and it feels so GOOD!!!!!!

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