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It was almost four decades ago when I first witnessed the  “slain in the spirit” phenomena in 1979. It has become a common manifestation for decades, first manifested publicly  at least a century ago.  So ministers have continued to lay hands on countless millions of unsuspecting, naïve believers in order that they might   receive what is colloquially known as “an impartation.”

When the people  began to be tormented in one way or the other, most of them sought help from deliverance ministries, yet their condition worsened.  In fact, 75% of  my own Christian client contacts  had been hearing voices when they telephoned me for help—all of them were active and faithful church members. Some of them I could help, some of them, I could not, for one reason or another.

One thing that all of these strange happenings have in common is the altered state of consciousness, better known as “the trance.”  With that ONE common denominator, I decided to “investigate” by examining a plethora of occult websites, to see what devils and demons  were openly revealing to their faithful followers.  In other words, “I spied out the land.”  I figured that even though Satan and his troops lie to their followers, they might reveal something to them  that they persevere to hide from true followers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Believe me, it was a disgusting and dangerous assignment , so I do not recommend others do what I did.  The blasphemy against the Lord is horrendous and those who are weak in faith might be victimized, even indoctrinated.

As a result of a year’s work, I believe that I have uncovered Satan’s overall agenda which ties into why the altered state of consciousness—the trance– plays such  a pivotal role in bringing about what the Anti-Christ intends  to do.  I have written about this subject in 5 of my 8 books:  Faces of the Religious Demon, the Fake Jesus, Come Out of Her God’s People,  the New Idolatry, and the Church of the End-time Zombies.  However, if you are not into Christian non-fiction, then here is the mystery revealed  in a nutshell:

The devils and demons have told their followers that “the World Master” plans to introduce himself to all mankind through what appears to be telepathic communication.  Therefore, these spirit entities have been feverishly working in our times to cause people to be able to enter into a trance–an ASC—so that the voice of the Anti-Christ can be heard.

With occult followers and Eastern religious systems, it is an easy thing to do because they willingly put themselves into trances by meditation, yoga, chanting, channeling, astral travel, drugs, deep breathing and such.  With the people in the world, they enter into trances through hypnotism, relaxation therapy,  sex, drugs, movies, music and other art forms. Consequently,   to be inclusive worldwide,  the enemy set out  to devise ways to open doorways in professing Christians so that “we too will be able to hear the voice of the Anti-Christ.”  The bottom-line is that  Satan is seeking for mankind to lose themselves in an altered state of consciousness so as to provide an open doorway for demons to “walk in” when the time is right.

What I learned on the occult websites is that the Anti-Christ is going to attempt to  pull a global stunt  where EVERYONE hears the voice of a stranger, saying the exact same thing at the exact same time.  In this way, the son of perdition intends to prove “that he is God” because he will appear to be both omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent–manifesting the qualities of God Almighty.  However, the only ones who will be able to hear his voice, will be those who have been opened to “the trance.”

When the Antichrist makes his move, here is how it shall be implemented worldwide:

Fallen angels stand by, patiently watching and waiting for their churchgoing prey to allow themselves to be induced into an altered state of consciousness by “any means necessary.” One they spot an opening, the religious angels shall seize the opportunity.  The most classic historic example is that of Alice Bailey.  A churchgoing woman, Bailey is actually the founder of what is known today as “the occult” or “New Age.” Most startling is that Alice Bailey began as a Sunday School Teacher in a Presbyterian church. (Come Out of Her God’s People.”)

For more info, several books are available, so click here.

If you have fallen slain in the spirit, you are among the enemy’s prey. You may be hearing voices, having strange visions and dreams, or feel various energy pulls in your body.  These are obvious signs that  the doorways to your soul  have been  opened.  Called chakras among the Hindus And Buddhists,.  once  opened, your soul has been trained to easily enter an ASC, also called a trance.  You need for these doorways to be permanently closed.  For help, either call us at 1-888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below.